Tugboat/Barge/Supply Vessel Crew

Year: 2014
Salary Scale Proposal: Non CBA
Type of Vessel: Tugboat/Barge/Supply Vessel
Trading Route: Worldwide
Duration of Contract: 10 months
Hours of Work: 48 hours per week
Leave Pay: 3 days per month
Hourly Overtime: In excess of 105 hours
CV's of candidates are available after the Proposed Salary Scale is fully negotiated.

Shipboard Position/Rank

Basic Wage

Fixed Overtime

Leave Pay

Total Per Month


Tug Master (Major Patron Lic.)

Available upon Request

Available upon Request

Available upon Request

Available upon Request

Chief Officer (Minor Patron Lic.) " " " "
4th Engineer " " " "
Electrician " " " "
A/B " " " "
Cook " " " "
Oiler " " " "
Wiper " " " "

Computation :
Basic x .30% = Fixed Overtime
Basic divided by 30days x 3days = Leave Pay
Basic divided by 105 Hours x 125% = Hourly O/T for Officers
Basic divided by 208 Hours x 125% = Hourly O/T for Ratings

All currency quoted in US dollars only and are subject to change without prior notice. The proposed salary scale and other expenses are negotiable, provided, however, that it meets the requirements set by the POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) standard on ranks and ratings and shall be within the prevailing salary rates imposed and practiced by the International Maritime Industry. The agency fees are within the standard to other manning/shipping agencies. Should there be any propositions to change the figures, discussion shall be on a case-to-case basis for the mutual benefit of the parties concerned and for the common welfare of the seafarers.

Tugboat/Barge/Supply Vessel Crew Form

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