About Us


Super Manning Agency, Inc. is a family-owned corporation which office
and business address located at Unit 301 Don Alfonso Condominium, 1108
Guerrero St., (corner United Nations Avenue), Ermita, Manila, Philippines
1000. It was incorporated by the Securities & Exchange Commission under
Reg. Cert. No. A-199606301 dated September 17, 1996 and registered with
the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) under Reg. Cert. No. 97-02-13-09-088 dated February 13, 1997,
and licensed by the Dept. of Labor and Employment through the Philippine Overseas Employment
Administration License No. OS-230-SB-042897-NL dated April 28, 1997.

The people who manage and run the affairs of the company is composed of dynamic, experienced and
professional officers and staff. They are considered experts in every facet of the trade from crewing and
manning to port services, ship supplies, ship brokering, ship chartering, ship delivery, ship parts trading and
other ship related transactions. Super Manning has quietly grown over the years and has established itself as
a viable, dedicated and effective organization dealing with the entire range of operational requirements
relating to modern crew management. The effectiveness in the delivery of services are derived in the
combination of the right people and high quality of services supported by effective communication and
information system, which has proven its worth and value through the years.


The company will abide by the guiding rules and standards set forth in conformity with pertinent government
rules and regulations, cognizant of the latest convention requirements of the International Maritime
Organization. Professionalism and excellent customer services are the key elements of our business
philosophy. Therefore, the management is duty bound to maintain a professional staff in every department
who are imbued with high moral principles and ethical values to protect the interest of the company and continuously upgrade its standard operation aimed at ensuring long term business relationship with our
clients. Super Manning credits its successful customer relationship to its hands-on approach and makes it a
point to always provide a personalized service to each client as an expression of giving impetus of their
importance. The company is built on strong values and as a natural consequence of such business
principles, every employee is afforded a clear picture of what the company stands for. Our core values of
professionalism, service excellence, integrity, respect and teamwork, will be given credence into practice by
our employees in dealing with our customers, colleagues, suppliers and the community as a whole.

Core Values

• Professionalism - is reflected by the skills, competencies, and character of the people tasked to deliver our
services. This value give importance to people development and training.

• Service excellence - is one significant distinction that we would like to make a difference in the
Manning/Crewing industry. It implies going the extra mile in delivering excellent services for the satisfaction of
all customers.

• Integrity - implies wholeness and absence of duplicity. We are in a business of trust and we can only sustain performance if we are trusted by our partners and stakeholders.

• Respect - is manifested in giving value to ideas and feelings of various stakeholders, seafarers/fishermen,
employees, suppliers and principals.

• Teamwork - This core value puts a premium on learning and growing as a team and relationship that build
trust. It also implies getting rid of organizational kinks and turf -mentality within the group. Teamwork involves
the values of Respect, Dignity and atmosphere of Openness.


The painstaking task of nurturing the growth of our manning/crewing industry from way back our pioneering
days has come a long way into fruition where it finally broke the international barrier after gaining the much
heralded excellent mark of recognition worldwide. The Philippines has the distinct honor of being hailed as
the beacon of manning industry as it produces a steady stream of efficient and effective seafarers. By and
large, Filipino seafarers by current reckoning are all getting paid handsomely as their income are already
considered highly competitive. But what escaped everybody’s imagination is the phenomenal rise of the
neglected sector of our industrious and persevering fishermen which by heart is the main focus of Super
Manning's attention spanning from the time of it’s inception. Currently, the income of these fishermen are at
par with their brother seafarers which surpassed beyond our modest expectation. However, good compensation comes with high risk due to the nature of this type of occupation.

Thus, the firm commitment of the company to organize an association of fishermen is now a reality. With its
steadfast support and sustained effort, the “UNITED FISHERMEN’s MISSION, INC.”, has come into existence virtually almost unnoticed without much funfare. The avowed principles where it was founded runs
parallel with the company itself in terms of rendering assistance to its members by way of integrating safety
and quality in all aspects of its operation. It aims principally of promoting the welfare and benefits of the
fishermen and their dependent families. Super Manning has always been transparent to its fishermen. To
them, not everything is all about monetary rewards but what is given the paramount importance is in
providing gainful employment and the best services possible for our fishermen. It views the training and
education of our fishermen as indispensable elements of crew competence. Thus, it is profoundly committed
to continue providing the fishermen the necessary technical development, professional knowledge,
enhancing their skills and understanding to gain the momentum in enriching our seafaring industry process
for the satisfaction of our employers/principals:

• For our agents, suppliers - more business opportunities and professional growth;

• For our seafarers/ fishermen - constant gainful employment and economic upliftment;

• For our employees - more professional advancement, institutionalized benefits and personal growth;

• For our business partners - a mutually beneficial relationship guided by integrity and prudence;

• For our society - an environment - friendly holistic development.


The company envisions to work hand-in-hand with the government in providing quality human resource
services being directly involved in the implementation of its overseas program through the promotion of
overseas employment opportunities for our seafarers and fishermen. The credible turnout of highly
competent seafarers and fishermen must be pursued to enable the country to climb the value-added ladder
in sectors where it possess global competitive potential. There is no doubt that Filipinos will remain as the
seafarers of choice due to their proficiency in the English language, the adaptability of working in a multi-
cultural environment and having the inherent passion for hard work. It is a known fact that one of the riches of
the Philippines is its human resources and part of it is the seafarers and  fishermen sector. It is indeed  very
fitting tribute with special mention to our hardworking fishermen that Super Manning would continue to endeavor of carving its own niche in fulfilling its laudable mission of helping to transform the lives of our fishermen into productive citizens of our country thereby uplifting their economic status in the society. For its
top management, Super Manning will not merely rest on its laurels but will push further in realizing its goal of
assisting the government in spreading the net of alleviating poverty among our people especially within the
ranks of our fishermen who are mostly coming from poor and underprivileged families as part of nation building.